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Welcome to KRU-Universe!

This group is dedicated to WiP-slinger's story KRU (Korithium Retreival Unit) and its characters/Burillians.

If you're a fan of the story and/or characters/Burillians, come join the KRU army!
Hello Hello Kip here! Most of you know me but for those who do not, I am Kip. I am a friend of Kazzie's who briefly worked as a colourist for the first attempt at the KRU comic and have contributed a number of characters to the KRU universe.

I am here to tell you a little bit about the revamping I did of our gallery! I will list the categories and explain them a touch so you all know where to be submitting to.

Featured is where Kazzie submits her written story. Nothing else should go into that folder at this time.

KRU Members
This folder is where Kazzie submits all of her ideas, refs, sketches and paintings of the members of KRU. No fan art is to go into this folder, it is for Kazzie's use only.

Non-KRU Characters
This folder is where Kazzie submits all art of characters not in the KRU project but are still minor/major characters in the novel. No fan art should go into this folder, it is for Kazzie's use only.

Fanart - Canon Characters
This is the folder most of you will want! This folder is for any and all art you create that stars a character from Kazzie's story. KRU members, Burillian soldiers, minor characters, etc. All characters that are canon and characters in the story go here.
Below is a list of all characters that apply to the above rules:

:bulletred: Astrum "Az" Wronen
Darian "Switch" Wronen
Nelle "Geek" Sullivan
Luka Von Strouse
Viktor Von Strouse
Harley Sykes
Dante Romanov
Kyra Norelli
Teaka McNiell
Rumer "Rue" Paige
Karra Wronen
Eli Wronen
Ollie Wronen
Soren Romanov
Marcus Romanov
Elder Jace Warwick
Ekko Warwick
Nox Warwick
Maddie Wronen
Wrex Wronen
Sadie Wronen

:bulletred: Minor Characters:
Morrigan "Moey" Wronen
Temperance Wronen
Malachy Wronen
Captain Stearns
The Great Elder
Rebel General
Elder (the nurse - not named)
7 other Protectors

Fan Characters
Have a Burillan character of your very own you like to draw? All art of them goes here! Burillians are currently a closed species though some of you were approved to make one before they were closed so go ahead and spam this folder with art of your creations!

Though fanfictions are currently closed and Kazzie would not like anymore written this folder contains any that have been written in the past. Feel free to read through them and see what everyone's headcannons are :3

Story Screenshots
This folder is for Kazzie to submit any art she does that are direct scenes from the book. No fanart is to go into this folder.

So that's it! Let me know if you would prefer a different set up or if I am missing a folder. If you notice I accidentally deleted one of your pieces that was in the group prior to this PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I deleted a couple of folders and may have accidentally removed your images as well so if you see it missing notify me!
That's all!

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